2018 Hottest Kitchen Remodel Trends

Hottest Kitchen Remodel Trends

According to the 2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, which surveyed 1,700 respondents planning a kitchen remodel, the biggest focus area was decluttering the counter-tops. Other areas of focus included the desire for items to have a “home” or place to be put away and a desire to recycle more items.

Quartz Counter-Tops Are In

According to the study, engineered quartz counter-tops have surpassed granite as the choice of 43% in the survey. Granite being the second choice of many of those surveyed.

Kitchen Remodel Costs

The study indicates that the average spend for a large kitchen (200+ sq. ft.) major remodel is $42,000.  In San Francisco, the average cost was closer to $70,000 for the same remodel.

Hire a Professional

A full 85% of those surveyed hired at least one professional. Almost 52% of those surveyed hired a general contractor of some sort, 26% hired a kitchen designer, and 22% hired a specialist directly for some part of the job.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

According to the full report:

White continues to gain in popularity in updated kitchens, with white countertops, backsplashes, and wall finishes gaining six percentage points each compared with the previous years study.

Here is a link to the Full Report.

Bottom Line on Kitchen Remodels

Trends change from time to time. Choosing a classic style that will endure is essential.

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